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Re: Help needed TokuDB build errors in Debian


Today the virtual Debian unstable machine that runs the buildbot
builds for Debian unstable was upgraded and a manual re-build
triggered with the result that it now failed:

This pretty much confirms that some newer version of some cmake or
TokuDB or whatever dependency caused the issue.

2014-07-09 17:47 GMT+03:00 Leif Walsh <leif.walsh@xxxxxxxxx>:
> This error rings a faint bell, but I believe it was a problem with my
> toolchain, not a bug in the code or build system.  There are also sometimes
> dependency problems with cmake that building with -j1 can fix.
> Can you reproduce it multiple times in a row with the same configured build
> directory?  Can you reproduce it without using parallel make?
> If both of those are true, can you build again with VERBOSE=1 and post the
> log, as well as objdump the symbols defined in libtokuportability_static.a?

I am a bit short on time here. Do you Leif have access to a Debian
unstable instance or could you install one on your laptop as a virtual
machine so you could do the above? Also when you have isolated the
issue, can you write a small patch I can apply on top of 5.5.38 so
that I can upload it without disabling TokuDB?

The Debian build is extensively documented at
and alternatively you can just launch the debian/autobuild.sh script.
Also the build bot configs include step-by-step build commands.

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