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Java Connector Coding till 20th July


Hi Everyone,

Sorry,I did not update in the last week.

It is because of my convocation and was meeting my parents after one year
in Singapore, so enjoyed a small vacation of 5 days with them.
I had code review and discussion with Massimo in that week.
But I thought it is better to update next week.

Things done:
1.I had initially written code in MySQLPreparedStatement.java  but the code
was getting ugly so as per recommnedation from Vladislav,I also discussed
with my mentor.So we thought of using MySQLServerSidePreparedStatement as
this will
make code more cleaner.

Now prepareStatement method in MySQLConnection will become the factory
method to provide either MySQLPreparedStatement or
MySQLServerSidePreparedStatement instance.

I have migrated my code to MySQLServerSidePreparedStatement.

2.Test case for determining the type of instance, MySQLPreparedStatement or

Next plan:
1.Write executeQuery and executeUpdate methods
2.For executeQuery, need to decide how I can use BinaryProtocolResultset to
fetch results from a select query.
3.Write methods for batchstatements and multiqueries.