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doubt about mdev 4682 - tests


Guys, i'm with time and was looking an old patch about query cache
information schema

it add an statistic about query cache hits
my doubt is... i was trying to understand how could i create tests, since
the result of statistic isn't deterministic
how should i execute a test case like this?

columns that i have doubt:

QUERY_ROWS <- deterministic
SELECT_ROWS_READ <- deterministic
QUERY_HITS <- deterministic
QUERY_HITS_PERIOD_LOW <- non deterministic
QUERY_HITS_PERIOD_HIGH <- non deterministic
QUERY_HITS_PERIOD_OUTLIERS <- non deterministic
QUERY_HITS_TOTAL_TIME_US <- non deterministic
QUERY_HITS_MEAN_PERIOD_US <- non deterministic
QUERY_HITS_MEAN_PERIOD_LOW_US <- non deterministic
QUERY_HITS_MEAN_PERIOD_HIGH_US <- non deterministic
QUERY_INSERT_TIME <- probably deterministic (or not?)
QUERY_LAST_HIT_TIME <- probably deterministic (or not?)
SELECT_EXPEND_TIME_US <- non deterministic
SELECT_LOCK_TIME_US <- non deterministic

Roberto Spadim

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