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OQGRAPH/others engine and query cache


Hi guys
i was checking OQGRAPH limitations with query cache it can't use query
cache cause we don't know when data base change, that's ok right? i think
that's ok too
some others engines have this 'problem' too

the first answer is, since oqgraph can't know when data table changes, we
can't cache oqgraph tables... i think that's right BUT...

query cache 'save' table used in query cache, for example:

select * from oq_graph
this will include "select * from oq_graph" at query cache using table

instead of only using 'oq_graph' we could include 'oq_graph' AND
'data_table' even when we 'only' use oq_graph at FROM part

this is more interesting than turning query cache off to oq_graph, and this
remove the problem of "the data table don't tell oqgraph when we need to
invalidate query cache" and that's right! but since data_table changed it
will invalidate all queries using it, including oq_graph queries =)

check if i'm not wrong, i can try a patch with it if we don't have others
query cache related problems (for example query cache don't support tables
outside query)

Roberto Spadim
Eng. Automação e Controle