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Re: Patch: CREATE [[NO] FORCE] VIEW Links


Hi folks.

Thank you Elena for commenting on MDEV-6709

"As I understand, your patch hasn't been accepted/merged into the main 
tree yet.
Why don't you apply the bugfix in your tree and resubmit the 

1) MDEV-6709 is a related but separate issue from my FORCE patch, applying to
MDEV-356 and others. I think it should be a separate patch.

2) What would you like me to do next to get my original patch accepted?

3) Who is the current maintainer for views? I feel that the view features
are only 50% implemented in MariaDB and need some design effort.

Thanks, James Briggs. 
Cassandra/MySQL DBA. Available in San Jose area or remote. 

 From: James Briggs <actionmessage@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Maria-developers <maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent: Monday, September 8, 2014 2:52 PM
Subject: Patch: CREATE [[NO] FORCE] VIEW Links

Hi List.

I mailed two patches to the list to implement
CREATE [[NO] FORCE] plus tests this weekend.

It looks like the mailing list software filters out long
posts, so here are links to the list archives:

Patch: CREATE [[NO] FORCE] VIEW Options

Patch: CREATE VIEW test program

Thanks, James Briggs.
Available for MySQL/NoSQL DBA/Programming in San Jose area or remote.