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Re: Syntax for parallel replication


Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> I didn't know that it was possible to use --connection_name.XXX to configure
>> things, which is why I thought I needed to use CHANGE MASTER instead.
> Well, "possible" can have different meanings.
> I meant that from the user point view --connection_name.variable_name
> is the normal and expected way to configure per-connection variables.
> Consistent with other per-connection variables and with named key
> caches.
> But it is well possible that there's no existing class that implements
> this functionality yet.

Right, understood.

I like the idea of --connection_name.XXX to configure parallel replication
per-connection. I will see what it takes to implement that.

>> I agree that "groupcommit" is rather too technical. However,
>> "following_master" is too generic, it doesn't say anything.
> It means that the degree of parallelization on the slave is following
> the degree of parallelization on the master. If more threads are
> executed (commited, strictly speaking) in parallel on master - more
> threads can be commited in parallel on the slave. If the master is
> strictly single-threaded, there's only one connection doing changes -
> the slave will follow that and will serialize all transactions too.

Right. Let's go with your "following_master".


 - Kristian.

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