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Re: [Commits] Rev 4346: MDEV-7026 - Occasional hang during startup on Power8 in lp:maria/5.5


Sergey Vojtovich <svoj@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> thanks for your feedback! Since we're short on time and you have an idea of a
> proper fix, what if we do it the other way around: you'll implement a fix and
> I'll review it from PPC64 perspective?

Hm, ok then.

You can find the patch here:


I pushed it here:


The idea is to:

1. Revert the original, incorrect changes to InnoDB mutex, make them be
unchanged on i386/amd64 compared to 5.5.39.

2. Add the missing full barriers in InnoDB mutex for PowerPC so the code works
similarly as on i386/amd64.

Feel free to use it or not, or modify it as you see fit.

 - Kristian.