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add a rotate event at begin of relay log make greate help


Hi kristian,

currently, a relaylog is immediately purged after it be completely replayed (relay_log_purge=1). and if IO thread crashes, we should delete all relay logs and fetch master binlog again from exec_master_log_pos/file (relay_log_purge=ON). I think that make a greap waste of disk IO especially to cloud disk. The critical problem is that there is no method to know the original binlog filename on master of a event in relaylog.

Actually we can know a relaylog event's original binlog offset on master, but we can't know the original binlog filename. so why not forcely add a rotate event or any other new type event which contained the original master binlog filename at begin of a relay log. as I know two different master binlogs' events wouldn't contained in one relay log, so the original binlog filename of a relaylog's events is only one. 

If we want to know a relaylog event's original binlog filename/position, we can get original filename from the begin of relaylog, and get original binlog offset from event's "end log pos". oppositely, if we know a event's binlog filename/end positon on master, wo also can quickly find it in slave's relay log.

That can make many benefits, firstly no need to delete all relay logs and fetch master binlogs again when IO thread crashed, because we can get exact last read_master_log_filename/position from last relay log. secondly, there is no need to use GTID in 1 vs n replication failover Scenario (Gtid must set log_slave_updates=ON in mysql 5.6, which increase disk IO load), if master crashes, other slaves can get lost events for the newest slave's relay log, as long as relay log don't be purged, then promotes the newest slave to master.




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