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Re: [Commits] Rev 4369: MDEV-7148 - Recurring: InnoDB: Failing assertion: !lock->recursive in lp:maria/5.5


Sergey Vojtovich <svoj@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> I failed to understand why the patch would fix the assertion mentioned in the
>> bug report. But the patch itself looks correct.
> That's a bit tricky... I'll explain just one of the simplest side effects of
> this bug, which is half way to this assertion failure. Please let me know if
> you want me to track it down to the assertion failure.

Thanks, no there is no need. I agree that the patch is correct and fixes a
real issue.

In fact, as I understand your explanation, the real problem is that the
rwlocks behave incorrectly. The assertion is just how it was discovered, but
it's just one symptom of a real problem. That is how I understood the patch as

(It is often a good idea in commit messages to explain the actual problem,
rather than the symptom that was used to discover the bug. Eg. I often see
commit messages like "Fix a Valgrind warning in Buildbot", instead of a proper
explanation about what was actually wrong and what the user-visible effect
was, if any. You did explain in the commit message that the problem was
incorrect load order, no need to change it I think.)

 - Kristian.