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Google's patches to MariaDB are available in the opensource repo


Hi all,

Effective immediately the full opensource tree of changes made to
MariaDB by Google to make it work for our internal applications is
available at https://code.google.com/p/google-mysql/.

Note: I didn't update the main page on the site to reflect the changes
yet, but the sources are there and the master branch points to the tip
of MariaDB tree.

Note #2: this tree is not an exact copy of our internal tree, and it's
not intended to reflect verbatim our internal development process.
It's just a set of changes split roughly one feature per commit with a
grouping of several commits related to the same feature set into
branches. That means that whenever we find a bug in some of our
commits we'll squash the fix in the appropriate place rebuilding the
whole git tree on top of that. As a consequence of that links to
specific commits will not last forever, though links to specific
branches likely will.

Note #3: unfortunately code.google.com doesn't have a good
visualization of branches in the git tree, so it's not easy to see
which commits belong to which branch in our structure of branches
stacked on top of each other. So the easiest way to see that is to
clone the tree on your local disk and run gitk on it (or other tool
that you find more convenient).

Besides raising a general awareness of existence of our opensource
tree, I'd like to draw attention of MariaDB developers especially to
the following branches. I think many commits from there can be
considered for inclusion into MariaDB proper.

Encryption of different subsystems writing to disk (not all subsystems
included yet, but will be soon).

Replication-related fixes and improvements.

Mostly basic compilation and testing fixes.

Fixes for some quirks in privilege subsystem (aka sql_acl.cc).

If you want to discuss any changes that you see in the tree feel free
to reply to this email or start a separate email thread.

Thank you,

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