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Buildslave terrier2 disabled due to KVM problems, needs fixing to be re-enabled


Jani, Daniel,

I discovered that our buildslave terrier2 seems to have problems with its KVM.
Builds are incredibly slow, and it appears that it is not using KVM at all. So
it is apparently using just QEMU, and soft-emulating the CPU.

This is too slow to be useful, I think. So for now, I've removed all usage of
terrier2 from the Buildbot config.

If one of you wants to fix terrier2 to be useful again, then the patch to
revert (to re-enable terrier2) is this:


Before re-enabling, KVM needs to be somehow fixed to work (eg. something like
`time perl -le 'for (0..100000000){}'` needs to be tested to run at about the
same speed inside a guest VM as directly on the host).

Maybe it would be best to upgrade the OS on the machine, maybe to the same as
we have on bb01/bb02? We have had a number of problems on terrier2 with
various KVM issues over the time.

 - Kristian.