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Re: prefix matching for command-line options - how to disable?


2015-01-06 6:22 GMT+02:00 Jean Weisbuch <jean@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> The second solution seems the best to me : i think that such an option
> should be added even on 10.0 and even if it would be disabled by default on
> 10.0, there should be at least a warning throwed when an abbreviation is
> used telling how it was really interpreted and that abbreviation use is not
> recommended/deprecated ; that option would be enabled by default on 10.1 or
> at least this option would be enabled on the default/example my.cnf files
> supplied with MariaDB so it wouldnt break existing setups and could be
> disabled for peoples that wants to stick with their bad habits.
> The third solution makes sense if the second one requires much work to be
> implemented and doesnt seems to be that important, a simple deprecation
> warning for abbreviated commands on 10.0 would do the trick then but i
> suspect that doing that, does takes almost as implementing solution #2.

I agree with both paragraphs above.

> ps: i never used abbreviations and never saw configurations or users using
> them (on purpose at least).

Me too. I didn't even know such a feature existed in MySQL/MariaDB. In
some tools where I come across auto-abbreviations I've disliked it. It
is difficult from documentation point-of-view to read and understand
if two commands do the same thing or not.

If people are too lazy to write long commands, then autocompletion is
a much better solution. I like very much how git does this: it has
both autocompletion and context-aware help if you run a command that
was wrong and maybe misspelled.