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Re: Row-based replication of old DECIMAL to new DECIMAL



> d. Make the master running with --binlog-format=row refuse to do any
> >     INSERT/UPDATE/ALTER or any other queries that can modify a table
> >     with the old DECIMAL.

Note that currently such DECIMAL columns work just fine with RBR, so long
as the master and slave have the same internal types. So completely
disallowing DECIMAL with RBR seems like a breaking and unnecessary change
to something which apparently works fine for the user already. I should
hope this strategy is not taken here, and certainly should not be taken as
precedent for how to do things in the future.

> > e. A SELECT from a table with the old DECIMAL should probably also
> >     print a warning, to give the user another chance to know about the
> >     problem.
> Hmm, I'm not sure it's a good idea. SELECT is perfectly safe.
> And warnings should rather be used sparingly.

Agreed. No warnings on SELECT. Keep in mind that not everyone ignores
warnings, and in some environments they may even cause exceptions to be
thrown. You should not use warnings as a subversive communication mechanism
to the user, but rather as ... a warning.



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