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Re: binlog_row_image


Rasmus Johansson <rasmus@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Is anyone familiar with binlog_row_image in MySQL 5.6, would it make
> sense to add it to MariaDB?

Sure it makes sense.

Adding the slave side, where the slave is able to process the new smaller row
images, is required to be able to replicate from a MySQL 5.6 master running
with --binlog-row-image=minimal|noblob.

Adding the master side (the --binlog-row-image option) would additionally
allow a MariaDB->MariaDB replication to benefit from the possible efficiency
gain of smaller row events (in row-based replication).

However, with the way that merge procedures were changed at the MariaDB 10.0
release, non-InnoDB MySQL features or bugfixes are no longer added
automatically to MariaDB. It requires someone to manually do it on a
case-by-case basis.

 - Kristian.