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Google Summer of Code 2015


Hi sergii i have some working knowledge of ldap not much though but I think
following your post, it will be great for MariaDb to incorporate an ldap
plugin that could be used by organisations running ldap servers and
 mariadb. For example most large organisations like Google keep information
about their workers in a directory service on the servers. Creating users
tables to hold this info will take too much time. Managing this table is
also a huge task which can also reduce performance due to overpopulation.
The ldap plugin will serve as an interface between mariadb and the
directory service such that info can be retrieved with ease.

The cool stuff with ldap is that if a request is made to the directory
service and the requested data is not there, a reference to another
directory service that contains it is returned. The Ldap plugin if
incorporated into mariadb can be used to authenticate users since in runs
directly on the TCT/IP stack.

Please request for more details  if you need more explanation that will
convince mariadb developpers to include this task at GSoc 2015.

 Best regards