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Question regarding MDEV-7682


Hi Holyfoot!

I've made some changes regarding key_length computation to fix MDEV-6838.
Changing this seems to have lead to us discovering another issue outlined
in MDEV-7682 (that I've just created).

It seems that the spatial key returns a key_length of 0. I've spoken to
Sergei Petrunia and we are not sure about this particular case. pack_length
returns a bigger number (12). According to the other comments in the code,
pack_length also returns the length field associated with the column, but
we are only interested in the length of the column field, without any
metadata information. The function TABLE:create_key_part_by_field adds the
metadata length itself afterwards.

Do you have any input on this issue, namely why the key_length is returned
as 0 for the LINESTRING column?


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