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CREATE/ALTER USER syntax in MySQL 5.7.5/5.7.6


Please read MySQL 5.7 documentation on CREATE USER and ALTER USER syntax:
(note before/after version 5.7.5/5.7.6 changes)

.. as well as this blog:
"With changes made in MySQL Server 5.7.6, a better distinction is made
between privilege-level attributes (those which are managed via GRANT and
REVOKE statements) and account-level attributes (those managed using CREATE
USER and ALTER USER statements).  MySQL has a long history of confusing
these – for example, requiring a GRANTcommand to set account resource
limits or require SSL. "

I think this is a very valid observation and thus also change. Does MariaDB
have plans to implement the full CREATE/ALTER USER syntax of MySQL

-- Peter
-- Webyog

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