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Re: MariaDB / Galera BUG



   We've been poking at this some more. Seems like we're retracing some
   steps as documented here:


   My patch will need to be reverted and replaced with something else.

   MDEV-7673 is a regression caused by a portion of the fix for MDEV-6924.

   Specifically this:

in sql/sql_class.cc -> THD::binlog_query()
      Even though wsrep only supports ROW binary log format, a user can set
      binlog format to STATEMENT (wsrep_forced_binlog_format). In which case
      the control might reach here even when binary logging (--log-bin) is
      not enabled. This is possible because wsrep patch partially enables
      binary logging by setting wsrep_emulate_binlog.
    if (mysql_bin_log.is_open())
#endif /* WITH_WSREP */

see sql/sql_insert.cc -> select_create::binlog_show_create_table()

   There are other issues here which we're still trying to track down
   (simultaneously running 'CREATE TABLE t1 AS SELECT SLEEP(30)' on
   multiple nodes is bad, for instance). I wanted to at least start the
   discussion here... 



Andrew W. Elble
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