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MDEV-5536 / MDEV-427 / MDEV-5713 - systemd socket activation, notify


This adds systemd socket activation (listening file descriptors passed on on startup), and systemd notification parts to the core mysql and bits of innodb that may take a bit of time.

Scripts to convert from my.cnf settings to a socket activation file are included.

support-files/mariadb.service has been included which replaces every bit of mysqld_safe with prebuilt systemd functionality.

Systemd can be enabled at compile time and still will support non-system.

Even when systemd compile time options are enabled, mysqld will still run in an existing init script or like an existing service.

For review:


Thanks Jan for the innodb side of the review so far.

Daniel Black, Engineer @ Open Query (http://openquery.com.au)
Remote expertise & maintenance for MySQL/MariaDB server environments.