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Re: packaging code - mariadb and jemalloc.


Hi, Daniel!

On Apr 22, Daniel Black wrote:
> Daniel, or anyone else.
> Where is the source/build code for the jemalloc build in the mariadb
> repo (specifically for ubuntu)?

A source code for jemalloc? It's not in the mariadb repo, we use system
jemalloc if available (or nothing, if not).

> Where is the code that triggers making the rpm and deb packages that
> form the current mariadb and galera releases?

I don't understand the question, sorry :(

I think you're talking about the buildbot configuration file. GitHub
uses webhook to notify buildbot about a new push. buildbot pulls it in
and builds various packages. In particular, first it builds a source
tarball. And when a source tarball is successfully built, that triggers
rpm and deb builders that build corresponding packages.

> My goal is to get these packages whitelisted by travis-ci so container
> builds of mariadb and running mtr on github pull rquests/branches can
> occur for everyone without a buildbot.

Good idea!


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