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Re: MariaDB finally in Debian officially (Fwd: Debian 8 "Jessie" released)


2015-04-26 10:27 GMT+03:00 Daniel Black <daniel.black@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Release notes[1] state that in Debian 9 only one MySQL
>> variant will be shipped.
> Is this driven by the complexity of maintaining two concurrent variants and/or maintenance effort and/or other factors?

Yes and yes and yes :)

This is the stance that the release team at Debian has taken. We'll
see how it plays out. Our part is to make sure that MariaDB continues
to serve its users well and everything should go just fine.

> FYI, travis-ci testing in development, https://github.com/openquery/mariadb-server/blob/travis-ci-10.0/.travis.yml
> Probably could do something for packaging tests here. Build/test time is limited to 50 mins so its probably too much of
> a stretch to get packaging and content tests in the same package. Build time is only about 5 mins.

Cool. What I'd like to see is automatic install/upgrade testing like
piuparts in Debian does, but for per commit development versions.

I added your Travis file as a link to the page

Daniel, check out on that page the TODO section and item number 8
about Debian CI autopkg tests. I haven't had time to do those yet. The
MySQL packages has them, so it should not be to hard to copy them over
to the MariaDB package and adapt them a little bit. Would you be
interested in contributing here? :)