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Re: MariaDB Debian deprecation policy



2015-05-06 21:42 GMT+03:00 Daniel Bartholomew <dbart@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On the MariaDB Deprecation Policy page we list planned deprecation
> dates for most of the platforms we build on.
> https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/deprecation-policy/
> The various Debian releases we build for are listed, but there are no
> deprecation dates.
> According to https://www.debian.org/releases/ with the release of
> Debian 8 "Jessie" both Squeeze and Wheezy are now "obsolete".
> Should we deprecate both of them and stop providing builds? Or should
> we just deprecate Squeeze?

There are people maintaining so called LTS updates for both Squeeze and Wheezy.

It all depends on what we want to promise to the users. Maybe the
sensible policy would be to support the two latest Debian releases? Or
just the latest Debian release + 6 months of transition between

Anyway I think that at least squeeze builds are ok to drop and move
all those resources into Jessie builds and QA.

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