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what could be better than %1 OLTP test gains?


Appreciate all the effort recently to save <1% on OLTP tests.

MDEV-6735 / MDEV-7786 has a 3 line patch in progress that saves a 6700% (0.1 seconds to 11 min 10.44 sec) by changing optimizer decision based on something more meaningful than an absolute number of rows on one side of a join (a specific tuning for some test at some time?).

Sure it might not make someone's blog (though it should), but it will make it possible to move one customer of mine beyond 5.5.32 which is near where a regression happened and for all those Magento users who've chosen MariaDB where performance has just broken to unusable when 100 categories was exceeded.

Daniel Black, Engineer @ Open Query (http://openquery.com.au)
Remote expertise & maintenance for MySQL/MariaDB server environments.