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Re: ab7640f: my_b_fill, inline my_b_* functions instead of hairy macros


Hi, Sergey!

On Jun 02, Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> ok to push. Should we always prefer "static inline" over macroses?

I generally prefer static inline functions to macros and only use macros
when a function cannot do the job (which is still pretty often :).

Back in the last millenium C compilers didn't always support inline
keyword, so macros were the only portable way of doing these my_b_*
things, but now static inline pretty much works everywhere.

Anyway, the main goal of this patch was to remove my_b_fill function
(that used mysql_file_seek and mysql_file_read, accessing IO_CACHE::file
directly) an replace it with a small two-statement inline function.