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Re: Patch for bug in libmysql


Georg? This looks like it is in the new LGPL'ed library?

 - Kristian.

Matthew Fagan <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi, I'm new to this list. I have a bug and a patch for it for libmysql
> There is a bug in the file libmariadb.c (on line 1761 in latest source). The line is as follows:
> vio_wait_or_timeout(net->vio, FALSE, mysql->options.connect_timeout * 100) < 1)
> The bug is that FALSE should be TRUE. The bug means that the mysql_real_connect does not
> handle connection timeout correctly. It also means that the async connect call cannot
> be used with an edge-triggered event system (such as WSAEventSelect in Windows).