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bugs MDEV-8167 and MDEV-6973


Hi Sergei,

Can we move these bugs from 10.0 to 10.1:

(MDEV-8167) XOR returns bad results for an indexed column
(MDEV-6973) XOR aggregates argument collations


I earlier sent you a joint patch that fixes both.
It moves Item_func_xor from Item_bool_func2 to Item_bool_func.

But the problem is that in 10.1 I had to move Arg_comparator from
Item_bool_func2 to Item_bool_rowready_func2, to fix some other bugs
in LIKE handling.

So in 10.1 it's now Ok for Item_func_xor to stay in Item_bool_func2.
and the patch will be different!

The bugs are not quite important.
So I suggest not to fix them in 10.0 to avoid merge problems
and confusion about Item_func_xor jumping  in the hierarchy.


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