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Progress Report on [MDEV5199]: UDF Table Functions.


Hi Serg, Colin!

The following is a rundown on my progress with the above task.
I started this project by getting the source of 10.1 from Github, setting
my working environment by building and running the tests on ubuntu 14 then
proceeded with an analysis by studying plugins and how they interact with
the server.(Especially storage engines plugins).

With  analysis and sources investigations being done, I realized with help
from assigned mentor(Serg)  that our task is about implementing
MYSQL_UDF_PLUGIN with the functionalities of the CONNECT engine which is
similar in functionality to table functions in a way.

This past week, I worked on   the interface for our plugin by declaring a
structure with version and some useful init/deinit function pointers to
work with our  UDFs(table UDF only  for now). I am currently studying the
Connect engine to see how I can implement its functionalities  as a UDF

For this week, I intend to look at other databases for example table
functions that will be good candidates that we can implement with our
plugin(This was not mentioned in my proposal but I intend to implement a
couple of them using our plugin even if we are short of time after the
final evaluation).

So far, I have had difficulties in communication due to unscheduled
powerouts in my city. This has really been an issue to me because my mentor
was beginning to loose hope and on the other side, I don't have the chance
to ask questions when im faced with a powerout. I really hope my mentors
understand with me how difficult it is to code from Cameroon.

Please feel free to request for any important details i might have not
mentioned which you will want to know.

Best Wishes,
Blessing Atie

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