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How to read of innodb_locks table by using low level interface?


Hi, Sergei

I'm developing a mariadb monitoring plugin type agent.


We're planning to contribute our monitoring solution for mariadb in one
or two months.


Our solution is consist of plugin type agent, APM Server and Dashboard.


Our plugin type agent collect data by using low level interface instead
of using query. 


I  can collect a information_schema.global_status and
performance_schema.event_xxxx_table for your help in the past.


By referencing the source of feedback.cc, I can collect data from
global_status using fill_stauts function.


I hava a question. I need to collect data from
information_schema.innodb_locks for lock monitoring. 


But I found that I must use trx_i_s_common_fill_table in i_s.cc for
reading of innodb_locks table and that fuction is static. so I only


that function by function pointer. 


Debugging source for many days, I guess that I must use  ST_SCHEMA
TABLE's fill_table member variable for  


pointing  to trx_i_s_common_fille_table function. 




But I don't know how to that.  I attemped in various ways for many
days. but I failed.


If possible. please let me know how to read data of
information_schema.innodb_locks using native api. 


Thanks in advance.









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