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Re: Using oqgraph/connect engines in mariadb-galera-server


Hi, Nirbhay!

On Jul 28, Nirbhay Choubey wrote:
> Hi Serg, Svoj!
> I am looking into an issue where accessing oqgraph/connect engines
> from galera server leads to errors like "Unknown option '<table
> option>'" and segfaults. The issue being the differences in handlerton
> structure in galera and non-galera server codes.
> Since the connect/oqgraph packages are built from non-galera server,
> when they are loaded into galera server, the engine's handlerton gets
> improperly initialized.
> https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-8240
> I can think of the following potential solutions :
> a) Club connect/oqgraph and mariadb-galera-server into a single package.
>    (this would mean adding new dependencies to mariadb-galera-server)
> b) New packages for connect/oqgraph out of mariadb-galera build
>    mariadb-connect-engine-galera-10.0, mariadb-oqgraph-engine-galera-10.0)

c) move wsrep additions to the end of the handlerton structure

> Do you see any other option? Also, we should add some checks for
> plugin load to fail in first place in such scenarios.

wsrep patch is a hack on top of the server, there's no protection
against it in the plugin api. nor against loading plugins into a debug
server. or other stuff like that.

but as far as galera is concerned, the issue will go away in 10.1, so I
think we'll just wait and we'll be fine :)