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Unexpected contents of mysql.gtid_slave_pos


Using MariaDB 10.0.20, when I set a multi-master environment in which one
of the masters has log-slave-updated enabled, I get this strange behavior:

-- node#1

select @@server_id;
| @@server_id |
|         101 |
use test;
create table t1 (i int not null primary key, msg varchar(50), d date, t
time, dt datetime, ts timestamp);

use mysql;
select * from gtid_slave_pos;
| domain_id | sub_id | server_id | seq_no |
|         0 |      1 |       101 |      1 |

Why is this happening? Is there a reason for the server to log its own
The transaction originated from this same server, but it is effectively
filtered off when it comes back from the other node (otherwise we would
have a conflict).

Note: I get the same behavior if I use multi-source setup where one of the
nodes has log-slave-updates enabled. Using different domains for each
master does not affect the outcome.



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