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Re: On the issue of Seconds_behind_master and Parallel Replication


Insightful explanation, thank you.

On 10/15/15 08:16, Kristian Nielsen wrote:

So any opinions on this?

This is /my/ opinion, not discussed with other Booking.com people.

  - Should Seconds_Behind_Master be changed as per above in parallel
    replication (from 10.0 on)?

Yes, I think so ... or at least /optionally/ so.

Alternatively, add new variable (perhaps something like SECONDS_BEHIND_COMMITTED) and leave the existing behavior as-is.

  - If not, any suggestion for another semantics for Seconds_Behind_Master in
    parallel replication?

  - If so, should the change to Seconds_Behind_Master also be done in the
    non-parallel case in 10.1? What about 10.0?

If we stick with one variable, can the behavior be easily made to be configurable? If so, then DBAs could decide which makes more sense in their environment.


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