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Re: On the issue of Seconds_behind_master and Parallel Replication


On 2015-10-15 08:16, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
Monty suggested changing the behaviour also for non-parallel mode - letting
Seconds_Behind_Master reflect only events actually committed, not just read
from the relay log. This would introduce an incompatible behaviour for
Seconds_Behind_Master, but could perhaps be done for 10.1, if desired. Doing
it in stable 10.0 would be more drastic.

I agree with Monty: we should only update on commit and in both // and non-// cases.

Having yo-yo in seconds-behind-master (because of a long running transaction) should probably be considered a bug and should be fixed (non-// case).

The commit event (if we can call it as such) is the only reliable (-ish) timing synchronization point in the binlog stream, all the rest depends on execution time and session-latency. The timestamp of those non-commit events should not be trusted for delay computation.

Fixing that in 10.0 has too many implications, I think fixing in 10.1 is a good target.

If something needs to be done in 10.0, and if it is not too hard, adding a "improved_seconds_behind_master" global variables for this behavior could be done. In 10.0, the default value of this variable would be 0, in 10.1 it would be 1. If that path is chosen, I think this variable should be deprecated in 10.1 and go away in 10.2 to reduce code complexity.

Jean-François Gagné

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