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Virtual columns and 'mysqldump' (and similar)


I reported this bug report to Oracle: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=79148

It is almost the same in MariaDB - but the error message is different, see

SELECT VERSION(); -- 10.1.2-MariaDB-log

CREATE TABLE `vc_test`.`t1`(
  `id` INT NOT NULL,
  `id3` INT AS ( id*3 ) VIRTUAL

INSERT INTO `vc_test`.`t1` VALUES (1,3);
-- retruns: Error Code: 1906 - The value specified for computed column
'id3' in table 't1' ignored

-- returns empty set

So here the error message is that "value is ignored" (not that it is "not
allowed").  It looks to me like somebody in MariaDB actually identified the
problem, but forgot to finish things.

The statement should succeed (maybe raise a warning), and the "specified
value should be ignored" as the error message says, but what it in reality
is not.

What say?

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