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Re: [Commits] f21705d: MDEV-7806 - thread_pool_size is not auto-sized


Hi, Sergey!

On Nov 17, Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> > 
> > I think the preferred way is the one for tdc_size:
> > 
> >   ... read the options ...
> >   if (IS_SYSVAR_AUTOSIZE(&tdc_size))
> >     SYSVAR_AUTOSIZE(tdc_size, MY_MIN(400 + tdc_size / 2, 2000));
> > 
> > if you'd like you can fix tc_log_size too :)
> Oh, you're right. I still have pre-origin image of sys_vars in my
> mind. Though I wonder what's the role of default value for autosized
> vars now?

Not much. It might be used in SET @@var=default (I didn't test that :).
It is surely visible in I_S.SYSTEM_VARIABLES. That's all.

Auto-value is a function of the environment (and, in theory, all other
variables). We could make that a default value, indeed. But then it'll
need to be re-calculated for every SELECT * FROM I_S.SYSTEM_VARIABLES.
This can be done consistently for all auto-sized variables, But it's
more work than simply setting the default to the auto-value in

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