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Re: [Commits] 6414959: MDEV-7526: TokuDB doesn't build on OS X


Sergei, Vicențiu -

>> I could not find the code snippet that you are referring to. I am looking
>> at the file:
>> https://github.com/Tokutek/ft-index/blob/master/util/dmt.cc
>> Here there seems to be no available fix. Did I look in the wrong place? The
>> copyout function that I'm referring to has 3 or 4 parameters, not 2, as in
>> your code snippet.
> Yes, I don't think this github repository is still updated.
> TokuDB is now part of Percona-Server tree, that's where I'm merging it
> from. The snipper I was referring to is in our 10.0 tree now.

Percona-Server tree only hosts the MySQL SE layer of TokuDB. The index
itself, the former ft-index repo, now lives at
https://github.com/percona/PerconaFT, a separate repo as it's used by
both MySQL and MongoDB forks. Please check there for up-to-date
upstream sources.