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Re: [Commits] ed5ec30: MDEV-7780 - Support for faking server version


Hi, Sergey!

On Dec 24, Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> >   $mysql= $ENV{MYSQL_TEST} =~ /mysqltest_embedded / ? 'MYSQL_EMBEDDED' : 'MYSQL';
> >   $cnt= grep /my_favorite_version/, `$ENV{$mysql} -e status`;
> - mtr is looking for this binary in $basedir/libmysqld, while the correct path
>   is something like $bindir/libmysqld/examples$opt_vs_config => it's broken
> - mtr doesn't add arguments to $ENV{MYSQL_EMBEDDED}, like it does for
>   $ENV{MYSQL} => it's dead broken
> - we don't seem to install this binary => extra logic to handle installed tree
> - it won't connect to original server, so it needs another version arg
> - what's the point of testing protocol when there's no protocol whatsoever?

Ok, whatever. You decide where to stop adding tests for --version in
emdded. Ok to push.

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