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Non-bloking API problem on non-x86 (MDEV-9112)


Hi Georg,

I stumbled upon the problem in the server source tree that ucontext check is
broken, causing the non-blocking library to be completely disabled on all
non-x86 platforms. After creating my own patch, I noticed that you alrady
made a patch for this in MDEV-9112, but it does not appear to be pushed yet.

Do you still want to push your patch? The patch looks fine (you can take
this as review), it handles a couple things I forgot in my own patch.

I think this should definitely go in 10.0 (and 10.1) - but do you think it
should go in 5.5 also (not sure)?

 - Kristian.

PS. I supplied a patch in CONC-153 for the similar problem in
mariadb-connector-c, but maybe you are already aware of that as well. It was
BTW cool to see that an application of mine (originally written against
libmysqlclient) worked without changes on mariadb-connector-c.

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