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Re: MDEV-9371 select insert('a', 2, 1, 'b') doesn't return expected 'a'


Hi Sergei,

On 02/09/2016 05:01 PM, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
Hi, Alexander!

On Feb 09, Alexander Barkov wrote:
Hello Sergei,

Please review a fix for MDEV-9371.

I'd suggest to push it to 10.0 instead of 5.5,
as MySQL fixed this bug in 5.6 (not 5.5).

I think 5.5 is fine. It's clearly a bug. And a very safe fix.

Also, I think it's worthy to backport MDEV-9332 to 10.0 as well,
because the patch for MDEV-9371 touches the test which
we modified in MDEV-9332.

Dunno. Is 5.5 affected? Or only 10.0 is affected?

Both 5.5 and 10.0 are affected.

But on the other hand, backporting low level String related fixes
(like in MDEV-9332) is somewhat dangerous. Strings (like datetime)
are fragile.

Ok, never mind. Let's just have everything as planned.

I added the commend that you suggested below and pushed to 5.5.


diff --git a/sql/item_strfunc.cc b/sql/item_strfunc.cc
index aca66fc..ca0cc47 100644
--- a/sql/item_strfunc.cc
+++ b/sql/item_strfunc.cc
@@ -1212,7 +1212,7 @@ String *Item_func_insert::val_str(String *str)
     length= res->charpos((int) length, (uint32) start);

    /* Re-testing with corrected params */
-  if (start > res->length())
+  if (start + 1 > res->length())

that's fine, of course. But please, add a comment, like

                                     // remember, start = args[1].val_int() - 1

or something else, whatever you want, to remind about -1.

      return res; /* purecov: inspected */        // Wrong param; skip insert
    if (length > res->length() - start)
      length= res->length() - start;

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