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GSoC 2016:Unique indexes for blobs


Hello everyone,
                I am Shubham Barai, a 3rd-year undergraduate student in
computer science at Maharashtra Institute of technology, Pune, India.

I am interested in the project "Unique indexes for blobs".I have read the
description of the project given on the link

MyISAM and innoDB  do allow users to create unique indexes on blobs with
some limitations on prefix length.
So end user can create an index on blobs using "create table" or "create
index "statement.

example:CREATE TABLE some_table (blob_column BLOB, UNIQUE
 For MyISAM tables, the prefix limit is 1000 bytes and for innoDB limit is
767 bytes.
After creating an index, I ran some queries like
"explain select distinct blob_column from some_table"
and found out that server executes this query with the help of the
temporary table but for other data types like int, the server executes the
query with the help of the index.

I want to know what exactly is the task for this project.Any help would be
greatly appreciated
Thank You,

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