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Re: GSoC 2016 MHA GTID support.


Hi colin,

Thanks for the kind feedback.  I was looking forward to it. I am also called hybrid on #maria. 

I am proficient in Perl scripting but have not used the DBI package much but I am going through it while working on my proposal.
I also have good knowledge of MySQL Server Internal code (Understanding MySQL Internals by O’Reilly Media) which is not  much different from MariaDB server.

I understand the  objective is to implement GTID based fail over. 
Concerning this project, my first thoughts are: we  connect to each slave using the perl DBI package and get the latest  GTID transaction applied at that slave, parse each GTID from each slave, and for each domain-id part of the GTID,  we return the IP of the slave whose sequence number is highest and that way we have our new Master to take over.

Please make any corrections and suggestions on my thoughts so I can make the proposal look good for Google. I really look forward working on this.



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