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Re: Please review MDEV-6353 my_ismbchar() and my_mbcharlen() refactoring


Hi, Alexander!

On Mar 30, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> commit 4ab28aca964fa646aa55676db813dbed66b83093
> Author: Alexander Barkov <bar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date:   Mon Mar 28 11:05:51 2016 +0400
>     MDEV-6353 my_ismbchar() and my_mbcharlen() refactoring, part 1.
>     Fixing the debug_sync and create_options related code not to use my_mbcharlen():
>     - debug_sync_token() now uses cs->cset->scan().
>       Passing the end of the string pointer to debug_sync_update() in order to be
>       able to use scan(). Adding support for a new pattern scan(MY_SEQ_NONSPACES).
>       It does scans everything that scan(MY_SEQ_SPACES) does not.
>     - Fixing set_one_value() to iterate bytes one by one. This is safe, because
>       ',' cannot be a part of a multi-byte character in UTF8.

Looks ok, thanks!
But don't push this commit alone, please.
Wait until all parts of MDEV-6353 are ready and push them together.

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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