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GSoC 2016: Introduction letter of Galina Shalygina


Hi everyone!

My name is Galina Shalygina and I was selected for GSoC to work with
MariaDB company. I'm from St Petersburg, at Russia and I study at St
Petersburg State University with major in Analytical Information Systems.
I'm in my third year at the University. My nick on IRC is galina and on
github it's shagalla.
I've already worked with MariaDB Server, and my contribution on
non-recursive CTE was accepted by MariaDB. Now I'm finishing and
implementation of recursive CTE.

My project for GsoC 2016 is called "Pushing conditions into non-mergeable
views and derived tables in MariaDB ". I plan to implement the
optimizations that push conditions into non-mergeable (such as grouping)
views/derived tables. I will be mentored by igor_seattle and spetrunia.

During the community bonding period I'm going to:
1. Clone server code and build it;
2. Read documentation;
3. Study all developments on my theme;
4. Start some kind of blog where I'll write reports during work period;
5. For this project I will need to be able to clone expressions, so I'll
start to work on solving this problem.

I'm looking forward to working on this project. It would be a great
experience for me!

Best wishes,
Galina Shalygina.