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Re: c75cbc1: MDEV-717 LP:1003679 - Wrong binlog order on concurrent DROP schema and


Hi, Alexey!

On May 04, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> > Hm... If the default connection signals "locked" before you start
> > waiting for it now - will your test still work?
> Well the DEBUG_SYNC manual seems to be explicit about it:
> "  A signal remains in effect until it is overwritten. If conn1 signals
>    'opened' before conn2 reaches 'now', conn2 will still find the 'opened'
>    signal. It does not wait in this case.
> "

Great. Then replication tests overcomplicate it, as usual.

> >> +SET DEBUG_SYNC= "sp_create_routine_started SIGNAL release";
> >> +--error 0,ER_BAD_DB_ERROR
> > why? Do you mean that even with your sync points the specific execution
> >order if not guaranteed?
> Not sure i understand your question properly.
> But i mean, getting the BAD_DB_ERROR is the execution result i desire here.

Your test here expects "either ER_BAD_DB_ERROR or a success".

I asked - does that mean that even with your debug_sync points the
result is still non-deterministic?

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