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Please review MDEV-9497 oqgraph fails to build with boost 1.60


Hi Sergei!

Can you please review the following patch for MariaDB 10.0. It fixes a
compilation failure in Debian/Ubuntu when boost 1.60 or later is installed.
I've looked into the code and checked if the #ifdef'ed code is used
anywhere. There is absolutely no reference to it. I doubt it affect


+--- mariadb-10.0-10.0.25.orig/storage/oqgraph/oqgraph_shim.h
++++ mariadb-10.0-10.0.25/storage/oqgraph/oqgraph_shim.h
+@@ -254,7 +254,7 @@ namespace boost
- #if BOOST_VERSION >= 104601
+ #if BOOST_VERSION >= 104601 && BOOST_VERSION < 106000
 template <>
 struct graph_bundle_type<oqgraph3::graph>

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