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Re: GSoc weekly reports (Aggregate Functions)


Hi, Varun!

On Jun 06, Varun Gupta wrote:
> details
> 1) Added the field 'aggregate' to the proc table .
> Order should be maintained for the fields added.

Don't make it a YES/NO boolean. As MDEV-7773 says, we want to have
window-aware aggregate functions some day. And while you're not doing
it, you should not make this future extension unnecessary difficult :)

See? It's kinda difficult to add a value to a YES/NO pair :)

But, for example, you can have this 'aggregate' field be


Then later we can easily add a new value to the enum:


without breaking compatibilty. Hm, perhaps the field then should be
called not 'aggregate', but 'aggregate_type'. Or may be not.
And it does not have to be NONE/GROUP either - feel free to use other
enum values, just make sure we can add a third value later for
window-aware functions.

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