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Re: Myisam-repair-threads question


Hi, Alexandre!

On Jun 07, Alexandre hadjinlian guerra wrote:
> Hi
> Im currently doing a reload process to an empty myisam table with 4 indexes
> on Maria db 10 1 13 on win64 and noted that on the last step that the
> status reports that its using repair to rebuild the table.
> Myisam-repair-threads remain the default but noted that many threads were
> running .im not sure if all of them were for repair. Is there any
> recommendation which i should take using the referred setting with a
> greater value?would setting it to zero make maridb decide which is there
> best value? Would the indexes get too much fragmented ? Thanks!

No, you cannot set it to zero. Also, current implementation does not
support an arbitrary number of myisam repair threads. Either you have it
set to 1 (meaning, one thread will repair all indexes, one after
another), or you set it to anything larger than 1 (that will always run
one thread per index).

See https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/myisam-system-variables/#myisam_repair_threads

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