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Re: GSoC weekly reports (Unique indexes for blobs)


Hi, Shubham!

On Jun 14, Shubham Barai wrote:
> GSoC (week 3)
> Hello everyone,
> I worked on InnoDB for this whole week. For each index of type
> DICT_UNIQUE_HASH, an extra column is added after user defined columns and
> before system defined columns.I have created new prtype(precise type) for
> hash based columns.I have resolved some of the issues after debugging and
> create table operation is working now.
> Here is the list of main things I have done during this week.
> 1.added an extra hash column for each DICT_UNIQUE_HASH index
> 2.added an extra field in index which is mapped to hash column in a table.
> 3.modified some functions in row0ins.cc and row0mysql.cc to support a new
> index type.


But it looks like you still haven't started writing tests for your new
features. Please do it this week, it's very important to have tests as
early as possible.

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx