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Re: [MariaDB/server] MDEV-10271: Log stop of slave SQL thread on errors, too (#188)


Hartmut Holzgraefe <notifications@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> -- Commit Summary --
>   * MDEV-10271: Log stop of slave SQL thread on errors, too

>   * MDEV-10272: add master host/port info to slave thread exit messages

So one comment. With the first patch, there are two cases where the error

  "Slave SQL thread exiting, replication stopped ..."

will be logged even though the thread fails before it gets to log the
corresponding start message

  "Slave SQL thread initialized, starting replication ..."

Was this intended, it seems perhaps a bit confusing if the log has spurious
messages about threads stopping, when there are no corresponding start
messages? If not intended, it is simple to change by adding an extra label
err_after_start: before the message, and using that or err: as appropriate
in the gotos. What do you think?

But I see you filed pull requests against 10.0 and 10.1, so it seems you
were intending these for the stable releases? I do not have any strong
opinion on this myself, but for stable releases, you should write an email
to maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to solicit opinions about making an
exception for this case. Include justification of why it should go in
stable releases (and not just in 10.2), and discussion of possible impact on
existing applications/setups. If there are no objections, I'll push them.

 - Kristian.