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Why/how does the MariaDB client depend on libdbd-mysql-perl?


I am returning to this age-old discussion about libdbd-mysql-perl as
dependency in Debian:

2015-07-21 19:50 GMT+03:00 Sergei Golubchik <vuvova@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> +         libdbi-perl,
>> +         libterm-readkey-perl,
>> +         mariadb-client-core-10.0 (>= ${source:Version}),
>> +         ${misc:Depends},
>> +         ${perl:Depends},
>> +         ${shlibs:Depends}
>> +Recommends: libdbd-mysql-perl (>= 1.2202)
> really? why libdbi-perl is required but libdbd-perl is optional?
> the one makes no sense without the other. and libterm-readkey-perl
> is required, why it's really optional, everything works without it.

In MySQL 5.6 this dependency also still exists:

Package: mysql-client-5.6
Architecture: any
Depends: debianutils (>=1.6),
         libdbd-mysql-perl (>= 1.2202),

But it has been dropped in MySQL 5.7 packaging. In 5.7 it is not even
a Recommends or Suggests, but completely removed.

I don't know what to do about this because I don't really understand
what or how the mysql client does with perl library dependencies. It
is a C program, does it really use the perl library in any way? So
auxilary script does something?

Can we drop the dependency on libdbd-mysql-perl, and starting from what version?

- Otto

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