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Freeing options & wrappers.



(sorry I forgot mailing list so resending the e-mail)

So it is about


Original problem was that database drivers in Python & Perl (probably
other) do not call mysql_close for MYSQL object if there was no
connection happing (memory leak).

MySQL has solution for this - freeing option on failed connection if
user did not asked something else (we even has the same flag, but it did
not work). So I took MySQL solution.

But it appeared not so compatible with our async wrappers. Frankly
speaking the code is difficult to read and debug because everything made
over macros nor I have found decent description/overview of how it is
done (thank you if somebody point to it) so I can not say that
understand what it is doing, and all my suggestion based on how I
understood it.

So what we have: we allocate memory for some options set between
mysql_init and mysql_real_connect, instead of "reall connect" called
some wrapper which store some pointers to the options then call
mysql_real_connect and if "real_connect" free them it fail on exit.

I think that best solution is that wrapper

1) store current state of CLIENT_REMEMBER_OPTIONS

2) set the flag

3) call mysql_real_connect

4) if connect fail and there was not "remember options" then wrapper
free options by itself

Again, I am not 100% sure that it is possible nor really know the place
were this should be added (if idea above ok, I probably find ho to make it).

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